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2020 TICA Elections

Dear TICA Ragdoll Breed Group Members:

      I am running for the TICA Ragdoll Breed Committee because I would like to see the Ragdoll Breed Standard revised further to reflect the perfect Ragdoll. I  would advocate for those purebred Ragdolls that have five, or more, generations of solely Ragdolls in their pedigrees to be permitted to be shown for championship status within their breed group.  I would continue to strive to educate breeders, exhibitors, and the public about all aspects of the Ragdoll Breed and encourage them to become involved in the world of TICA. It is for these reasons that I am requesting that you vote for me to become a Ragdoll Breed Committee Member. Thank you for your time and any help that you provide in the matter. Be well, be safe!

                                  Christine Lupo
                                  Christine Lupo

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